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SQLPOS: Point Of Sale Systems

ComCash Classic POS
ComCash Classic POS ComCash Classic POSComCash Classic POS
SQLPOS is the Master Distributor of Comcash Classic Point of Sale Software and offers Hardware systems from quality manufactures.
We have a network of highly effective resellers for customers that require local representation and we serve several vertical markets,
including Grocery, Convenience, Tobacco, and Wine & Liquor.

    Comcash Classic POS Core Features:
  • Point of Sale System (Single Computer Register or Server Computer for multi Registers)
  • Touchscreen-based cashiering operations
  • Inventory control with Purchasing and Receiving
  • Handheld inventory support
  • Customer Management with Loyalty
  • Employee Management
  • Extensive Reporting

Comcash has been a leading Point Of Sale software developer since 1996 and keeps their Classic version current with the
latest EMV Chip Card technology, integrated Network Video Security, Fast Processing, robust Reporting, and Excellent Technical Support Staff

Their POS technology allows new retailers and existing retailers upgrading from cash registers or competing POS systems to
streamline their management of cashiering operations, inventory, customers, and employees.

The Comcash POS Software System runs on Windows™ 7 and up.
The Comcash KIOSK Software can run on any Windows version including XP and earlier.

Check Out the Hardware PC List

SQLPOS will assist you with bundling the Comcash Classic software with quality hardware and support
providing you a complete solution for your business needs.