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      SQLPOS was founded in 2011 by Chuck John.
      Chuck was former VAR Manager of Comcash, Inc., and now offers the Comcash Classic Point of Sale system and quality Hardware through his company.

      Chuck has over 22 years experience with retail, convenience, deli, grocery, wine and liquor POS software and hardware systems.

      SQLPOS is the Master Distributor of Comcash Classic and welcomes new customers and value added resellers.

      SQLPOS has a network of highly effective resellers for customers that require local representation and we serve several vertical markets,
      including Grocery, Convenience, Tobacco, and Wine & Liquor.

      I have worked with Chuck for over 11 years when he was VAR Manager for Comcash and now owner of SQLPOS providing the Comcash Classic Software.
      Chuck is hard working, knowledable and he will work with you to find the best solutions for your business needs.
      Chuck has a direct line to Comcash Classic Software Development and together we increase the value of the Comcash Classic Point of sale product line.
      Steve Weiss - Manager of Software Development (Comcash Classic)