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SQLPOS: Hardware/Data Collectors

  unitech HT630
Inventory with the unitech HT630 handheld scanner
  • Integrated into Inventory and (POS for remote Sales)
  • Take and Update Inventory Quantities
  • Receiving with Purchase Order
  • Receiving without Purchase Order
  • Price Check
  • Batching multiple or single unit scans
  • Alternate PLU's Included
  • Take Sales in POS:
  • Browse and Edit Data
  • Lookup Menu
  • >> Lookup by PLU - Displays: PLU, Description, Qty-on-Hand, Cost, Case Cost, Price and Size
  • >> Take and Update Inventory QTY with Lookup displaying Description and Qty-On-Hand
    1. Power Management:

    2. Main Battery     - One rechargeable Lithium-ion battery pack
    3. Backup Battery - 120mAH/3.6V for SRAM memory backup
    4. Operating Time - Over 12 Hours
    5. Power adapter
    6. Options:
    7. RS232 or USB communication cables
    8. Cradle
    9. RAM - 512K/2.5MB/4.5MB/8.5MB

    10. Click here for unitech HT630 PDF Specifications