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Good Stuff:
  • Compatible with all database versions of ComCash Classic POS!
  • Works with your current version!
  • No upgrade required!
  • Runs on any Windows Computer using a Comcash.ini and connection to the database.
          Super Easy Installation (Download and Run)
  • Runs on any Windows Version - Now you know what to do with those old XP's.
  • Free Demo, just ask Chuck.
  • Scan, Swipe or Manual entry with Idle Display options.

  • Product Search
  •   Displays PLU, Description, Extended Description, Price and Size.
  • Customer Search
  •   Displays Customer Name, House Account Balance and Loyalty Points.
  • Search Process
  •   Barcode Scans, Loyalty Card Swipes, Manual Entry PLU's, Description, Customer Numbers and Customer ID's.
  • Idle Options
  •   Display Static Image or select Digital Signage for your advertising campaign.
  • Multiple Copies
  •   Run Multiple KIOSK copies and customize your Monitor for Sales, Marketing or Holiday Events.
  • Frame Control
  •   Customize your KIOSK with Colors, Fonts and Images
  • Image Control
  •   Stretch, Proportional, Center, Left, Right with Timer rotation.
  • Message Box
  •   Import Rich Text Files with your images, graphs and Text

    Configure your Message Box, Window Frame, Borders, Text, Labels, Fonts, Colors, Images and Timers.

    ComCash Classic KIOSK

    ComCash Classic KIOSK ComCash Classic KIOSK


    Simple Designs
    ComCash Classic KIOSK

    Imported Graphic with Text
    ComCash Classic KIOSK

    Display Images when Idle
    ComCash Classic KIOSK