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SQLPOS: Products/Phillip Morris Export

Receive hundreds if not thousands of dollars in reinburements for Multi-Packs, Multi-Smokeless, Coupons and Loyalty.
The Comcash PMUSA.exe application rolls up, applies discounts and exports all the appropriate data.

The PMUSA Export add-on Application runs from Comcash Reports with Date Selection.

  • Configurable Interface for Setup, Departments, Discount Amounts and Units of Measure.
  • Provides Transactions, Quantity Sold and Price Sold Header Information.
  • Automatically Rolls up same PLU's on same Invoice and applies discounts for maximum reimbursement.
  • Automatically applies discounts to singles that qualify on a multi-pack and/or multi-smokeless Invoice.
  • Rolls Up, calculates and exports Multi-Pack and Multi-Smokeless transactions with Reporting Option 2.
  • Rolls Up Coupons to the first available transaction. (MFG Deal One)
  • Rolls Up Loyalty to the first available transaction. (MFG Deal Three)
  • Processing Packs, Cartons, Cans and Rolls.
  • Automatcially save export file to a configured folder or configure to Save As.
  • PMUSA.exe exports all records to a Pipe delimited Text (.txt) file.