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SQLPOS: Products/Point of Sale

Choosing the right Point of Sale System can be complex and time consuming.
SQLPOS can help you save time and provide you with the answers to all your questions.
The Comcash POS software is very easy to use, flexible and provides you a wealth of accurate data.

SQLPOS will work with you in deciding if the SQLPOS/COMCASH solution is right for you.

What are your core requirements?
A few of the options in the Comcash Classic software

  • Touch screen interface to speed transactions
  • Track Customer Visits & Purchase History
  • Built-in Debit, Credit, EBT and Gift Card Interface
  • Employee Security Levels
  • Suspend/Resume Transactions
  • Track Employee Hours with time clock
  • Design custom sales & inventory reports
  • Manage Accounts Receivable
  • Manage Gift Cards
  • Weighted items
  • Fuel Interface
  • Assembly items
  • CRV and multiple tax tracking
  • Scan random weight scale labels
  • Case to single quantity breakdown
  • Task tracking and auditing by employee
  • Customizable Transaction Types
  • Put Sales On Hold
  • In-House Bad Check List
  • Selectable Print Buttons at end of transaction
  • Print invoices & receipts to multiple printers
  • Print to a remote kitchen printer
  • Tag-along items with walk-through scripts
  • Lotto Sales and Payouts
  • Age Check

  • Set Minimum/Maximum Levels for Automatic Ordering
  • Barcode Tag Printing: Configure, Edit & Print
  • Automated Ordering by Product, Vendor, Departments, Category or Period Sales
  • Receiving With or Without P.O.
  • PLU Linking Automatically Converts Case Quantities into Units
  • Vendor Catalogs can be Imported for Future Ordering
  • Use Handheld Computer for Inventory, Counting, Ordering & Receiving
  • Transfers
  • FIFO or Average Costing
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Customer Statements
  • Employee Management
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Surveillance
  • Multi-Store Ready
  • Customization with User Defined Fields
  • Easily Import & Export Information
  • KIOSK Marketing / Customer Assistance